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    A Little Bit About Me

    My name is Wayne Churchill, welcome to my web page. I feel like I am writing a dating profile as I write this but I have a lot of different interests and people might come to my site for different things.
    I have wanted to start a place where sports card collectors can trade cards again, there used to be sites that you could do that on but eBay has taken over, it is easier to sell cards than to trade, so I have never really pursued that, just a dream. I don’t buy cards by the box anymore anyway so I never have anything to trade anyway.

    Some of my interests are

    • Football (Detroit Lions) and Hockey (Detroit Red Wings)
    • Music
    • Sports Card Collecting
    • Motorcycle Riding
    • Shooting Guns
    • Photography
    • Computers. I just completed (April 2018) building myself a new more powerful computer for my photography hobby. Computers you can buy in stores now for the most part don’t even come with a DVD drive and I have both DVD and Blu-Ray drives in my PC, so in order to accommodate that I have to buy a case that still holds those devices and build around that.
    • Web Programming in PHP which I have used to develop what I call my Shoe Box Card Organizer that I have developed over the years to keep track of my sports card collection, it is in perpetual development, I have never “Finished” it because I am the only one who has access to use it, I don’t sell it or give it away for others to use.